RHI Profile of the Week: Youth Dynamics

RHI Profile of the Week: 

Youth Dynamics of Montana

Youth Dynamics of Montana supports families going through difficult times. When children or teens need help with mental health problems, get into trouble, or show signs of withdrawal, they are here to help!

Youth Dynamics is a welcoming place for families. They work with all families — natural, biological, foster, and adoptive. Their goal is to provide mental health treatment for kids with behavioral challenges and offer support and resources to their families.

Youth Dynamics has been a Montana non-profit children’s mental health agency, since 1981. Providing evidence-based treatment for kids, their staff help families grow and are helpful professionals offering excellent mental health treatment options across Montana. They have 31 locations across the state and, in most cases, serve communities within 60 miles of an office.

They directly serve hundreds of rural and frontier communities through office and group home locations in BillingsColstripMiles CityGlendiveWolf Point, GlasgowMaltaHavreGreat FallsShelbyKalispellHelenaBoulder,

ButteDillonBozemanMissoulaHamilton and Livingston.

Their services include therapy, case management, family education and support, foster and respite care, mentoring, therapeutic youth home care, equine-assisted therapy, substance abuse treatment, independent living skills, as well as services in Boulder, MT, for children with highly sexualized behaviors and/or who have committed sexual offenses.

Learn more about Youth Dynamics on their website, Facebook page, or Instagram!