Big Horn County’s “Fitness for Life”

Big Horn County’s “Fitness for Life” received RHI Incubator funding in the Fall of 2009. From this funding the program has gone on to reach great success, and will continue on into the summer.
The intended program, to conduct an educational/screening program along with a 6-week fitness program, received double the expected amount of participants; resulting in over 110 participants total!

Base-line health data was taken by completing health screenings for the hospital and county employees (the two competing entities) on March 18 & 19. This raw data will then be compared to the exit measures taken at the beginning of May. During the interim, participants have been keeping individual journals. Educational materials and pedometers were purchased for all participants, and will be purchasing two Wii systems with fitness software will be provided to participating entities after the results are tabulated.

“Fitness For Life” has received follow-up funding from the second round of Incubator awards, and will develop a website so participants can “”track”” their individual results and spur friendly competition by showing how each person is doing relative to others, providing an ongoing incentive for all! This second component will also have a weekly series of health and fitness seminar, where participants can earn points for attending a minimal number and further points for each additional seminar they attend.