Nourish the Flathead

Nourish the Flathead’s mission is to reconnect people to the sources of our food through education, outreach and market support. 

Nourish the Flathead runs a community garden behind Flathead Valley Community College, within that garden they run a youth program called Stand Up. Dig in. (SUDI).  The beds that SUDI works contain food that is donated to the Flathead Food Bank.

Nourish the Flathead works with youth programs in Kalispell; The Montana Academy, the Flathead Youth Home, Center for Restorative Youth Justice and the Sinopah House.
Currently, they have a dedicated board that helps make everything happen.  They hope to begin funding their projects through grants now that they have their 501c3.

They also run the SNAP booth at the Whitefish Farmers Market and work to promote local food and businesses that use local food through our website.
Nourish the Flathead strives to work to connect youth to gardening, local food and community service, thus they work with youth in both their community garden as well as our SNAP booth.  They also have 40 plots within the garden that are rented by adults in the Kalispell area and help fund their garden project.  They endeavor to involve the adults in the Nourish Community as well.

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