Park Street Community Garden

A community garden in Uptown Butte that aims to revitalize the historic uptown, unite
neighbors, educate the community about eating locally, and provide residents
with an opportunity to grow their own produce.


There is no single formula for a successful community garden, but whether it is a small urban affair or a larger rural endeavor that can accommodate several hundred gardeners, the community reaps many benefits from it. From a practical perspective, this community garden allows local citizens to lease a plot for a season to grow food for their own use or to give to others. It provides an educational experience for those wanting to learn about growing organic produce in a high mountain climate. It provides fresh produce at a reduced cost. It is a place for local school children to gather and learn about the science of soils, plants, nature, and participation in their community. This garden allows like-minded folks of all generations to enjoy the process of planting, growing, and harvesting the fruits of the earth and producing something they can be proud of. A plot designated for growing fresh food for a local charity is waiting for volunteers who wish to give of their time and energy in that manner.
The Park Street Community Garden Project is a collaborative effort with Sacred Ground, a not-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting wellness, sustainability and community building.
You may find a variety of activities open to the community including yoga, international dance, belly dance, Dharma group, drumming, as well as host for discussion groups.   The builders of this garden began organizing in the fall of 2009 and opened their garden plots to members in June of 2011.  The garden property is leased from the city, and they have assisted with many tasks, such as delivering soil for raised beds and installing a water service line at the site.

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For more information, please contact:
Julie Butler or Carol Link

 Garden Organizers of the Park Street Community Garden or