Sweet Grass Health and Wellness

Sweet Grass Health and Wellness is dedicated to the
community, both to the health of the people who live here and to their efforts
to enhance our way of life. Their mission is to strengthen community, promote
well-being, and improve health.  They advance their mission by the many activities, programs, and services they provide that benefit people of all ages and contribute to the health and vitality of their


The Sweet Grass Health and Wellness Foundation (SGHWF) was formed in response to the idea to build indoor pool and create a YMCA-like building in Big Timber, Montana.  Due to the excessive expenses of constructing such a facility, the organization had to reevaluate their mission and work toward creating community wellness and health by focusing on mind, body, and spirit until enough funds could be appropriated.
Meanwhile, the Sweet Grass Health and Wellness Foundation works to create healthier living areas (streets, environment, etc.) and provide education to help people understand the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle.  SGHWF co-sponsored the research and SGHW3publication of a Resource Directory of services and also helps sponsor two support groups with the Pioneer Medical Center.  In addition, SGHWF has brought in three programs under their nonprofit umbrella; the Horizons program to address poverty issues, the Big Timbers Creative Arts, and The Community Thrift Shoppe.  SGHWF co-sponsored the community’s First Annual Bike Rodeo in 2008 and continued to support the event in 2009.  The foundation recently purchased the building that formerly housed the Community Thrift Shoppe, and are in the process of renovating the building to house the SGHWF as well as the food bank, commodities, etc. under one roof.  The foundation’s annual fundraiser, The Raw Deal Run and Fun Walk, promotes wellness and fitness.  Recently decided to restore building which will house the food bank, commodities, etc. under one roof.  On October 10th, the foundation will hold it’s first annual Health and Resource Fair in the Big Timber Community.
Building a community recreational and therapeutic center is still a future goal of the foundation, and the foundation will continue to work towards this goal as funds become available.  The center would feature with a year round indoor swimming and aqua-therapy pool, indoor walking track, and a certified kitchen, dining and meeting area.  In preparation for the center, SGHWF has worked to acquire the funds to purchase and pay in full for a five acre lot of land that has been annexed into the City of Big Timber.  An irrigation well has been installed, and architectural firms have responded with interest.
Sweet Grass Health and Wellness also sponsors the “Mini Movers,” an exercise and tumbling program for 2 to 5 year olds, exposing them to the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. It provides a safe, interactive environment for young children to channel their energy and enhance development of their motor skills while interacting with others. Students are introduced to various forms of physical activity and exercise through games, tumbling, and movement. Because a healthy lifestyle will carry on throughout one’s life, offering this class will help to create a healthier community starting with our very youngest.
Mini Movers runs from September through April every year!  Click this link (Mini Movers Press Release) to read a press release on the Mini Movers program!

For more information, visit: www.sweetgrasshealthandwellness.org

Email: info@sghw.org