Man Therapy

Profile of the Week: Man Therapy

Man Therapy is a new program based in Helena, MT that launched in September of 2018. Men represent 78% of all U.S. suicides, and Man Therapy aims to combat that statistic by fostering social bonds in men as they get older. Man Therapy hosts social events, raises awareness, and supports men in mental health crises.
Man Therapy recognizes that men’s unwillingness to acknowledge mental health problems or suicidal thoughts,coupled with the common behavior of not accessing available services contribute to the high suicide rate among men (Moller-Leimkuhler, 2002). While men die by suicide in much higher numbers than women, suggesting that men may be in greater need of mental health services, research finds that men appear far less interested in and likely to access services. Man Therapy works to encourage men to reach out for support and be connected with resources.
According to Jess Hegstrom, who is the project lead for Man Therapy in Lewis & Clark County, she says “It’s open for really any man who wants to come out and meet other men and be exposed to new hobbies and outlets. We know that social connectivity is a huge factor against suicide.”
When visiting you will find an anonymous mental health screener and a little red phone located in the top right-hand corner of the website that gives access to the suicide prevention lifeline online chat and the phone number. The website uses humor to deliver important information about suicide prevention and education.
Check it out here!