Bike, Walk, Roll & Win

In the fall of 2016, the Montana State University (MSU) Extension Ravalli County Family and
Consumer Science (FCS) Extension Agent partnered with MSU College of Nursing students enrolled in the Population Based Nursing Care in the Community course. Through this partnership, the FCS Extension Agent worked with two to four nursing students each semester to complete a community outreach project, with the focus of increasing physical activity in working adults between the ages of 19‐ 64 years of age. The original objective of the partnership was to create a Hamilton Walking Map, which has expanded to include a spring‐health incentive program, Bike, Walk, Roll & Win, to promote the use of the map.
The objective of Bike, Walk, Roll & Win is to encourage adults in Ravalli County to engage in physical activity while using community walking maps designed to help local constituents engage in daily
physical activity through an incentive program. Over the course of six semesters, the FCS Extension
Agent, with the assistance from nursing students, has created walking maps for three communities, which include Hamilton, Stevensville and Darby; coordinated two spring health incentive programs and recently completed a winter health incentive program.
During the months of May and June in 2017, community members were encouraged to explore routes on the Hamilton Walking Map. Every route they walked resulted in an entry into a prize drawing. The applicant and students met with businesses to share the importance of physical activity, share the map and solicit prize donations to incentivize the community to participate in the program. The incentive program was open to all adults 18 and older. Participants entered individual entries online through the Extension office website or through a paper entry form with the office. At the end of the incentive program, the Extension Agent held an educational class at the local library where participants engaged in physical activity by walking one of the routes on the Hamilton Walking Map and enjoyed local food and cider.
The 2017 and 2018 Bike, Walk, Roll & Win participants self‐reported their activity and health
benefits when they logged their physical activity entry and shared personal success stories. The
benchmarks for the health benefits were identified by the American Heart Association as impacts afterengaging in a walking program.
Results from Bike, Walk, Roll & Win 2018 during the months of May and June include: 74
participants logged over 469 routes totaling 1,221 miles collectively. Additionally, 2018 participants reported: 63% increased physical activity; 61% improved mental health; 36% improved stamina; 19% improved balance.
One of the participants expressed a transformational change in behavior from the Bike, Walk,
Roll & Win 2017 program: “My walking has turned into running and I’ve done two 5K’s since this walking program started. How fun to have the confidence to be more ambitious about my fitness goals, and I owe it to the structure you’ve set up. So thank you! Next stop? I’ll be swimming and running in the Bitterroot Classic Triathlon, and have a cyclist who will do the middle leg of the event.”
Bike, Walk, Roll & Win will continue to be a spring‐incentive, running from May 1‐June 30 to
allow all adults to engage in physical activity using the Hamilton, Stevensville and Darby Walking Maps. Downtown Associations, City Councils, and Chambers of Commerce have expressed interest in
partnering in the program to promote to tourist and locals alike the walkability of the community. All three communities would like to print the map on metal signs to hang throughout the community to educate the public on the easy accessibility of natural resources. There are opportunities to incorporate the walking maps into the health education classes at the public schools.
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