Garden City Harvest Missoula

Garden City Harvest builds community through agriculture by growing produce with and for people with low-incomes, offering education and training in ecologically conscious agriculture, and using our sites for the personal restoration of youth and adults.

7 Community Gardens (shared space and tools)

4 Community Farms (CSAs and Education, local food in Missoula, food bank)

Youth Harvest Program (employment and therapy for youth in the Youth Drug Court system and Youth Homes)

Community Education Program (summer camps, school field trips, 4 school-side gardens, garden and farm curriculum development and implementation)

Community Education educates our community through internships, school garden curriculum, farm field trips, summer camps, and classes on cooking, gardening, and farming. We work to connect Missoulians to their food and the place it is grown.  Taking a hands-on, farm-based approach, our education program encourages youth and adults to explore connections between food, agriculture, science, and their everyday lives. We offer place-based education programs at the PEAS Farm campus and community gardens, and offer school-side education in our school gardens.

Community Gardens create and sustain community gardens at sites located in low-income neighborhoods throughout the city.  Each of our community gardens provides the participants with a 15 by 15 foot plot, tools, water, compost, straw, common space, and the knowledge and guidance of a garden coordinator.  Weekly programs for young gardeners include lessons about gardening, botany, food sources, and cooking.


Neighborhood Farms grow food for those in need at our neighborhood farms: the North Avenue Youth Farm (in partnership with Youth Homes), Orchard Gardens, River Road, and the PEAS Farm, a collaboration with the University of Montana Environmental Studies Program. While each farm is unique, they all share in growing food for Missoulians in need, distributed by the Poverello Center, Missoula Food Bank, Youth Homes, and other agencies around town.

photo by Erick Greene

Youth Harvest Project offers therapeutic support and employment for adolescents through the Youth Harvest Program. Adolescents referred by our partners the Youth Drug Court and Youth Homes, work at our sites and operate a Mobile Market.  They harvest and deliver fresh produce to sell at very low-cost to seniors and people with disabilities who live at subsidized housing facilities in town. Garden City Harvest has partnered with the Human Resource Council to provide at-risk youth with an employment opportunity. For Youth Harvest participants based at the PEAS Farm, we provide therapeutic support in addition to employment.

photo by Erick Greene

Target Population Size: 50,000—low-income population of Missoula—getting food to those who cannot otherwise access it

  • In 2010, Garden City Harvest food was part of more than 20,000 meals eaten through the Missoula Food Bank and Poverello Center.
  • Our Community Garden program now has 290 plots in 7 locations around Missoula.  More than 500 people use these plots to grow fresh produce for their families.
  • Our MobileMarket, operated by Youth Harvest Project teens, distributed fresh produce to 120 people who live in subsidized housing including seniors and people with disabilities.
  • More than 2,800 local school children participated in field trips, service days and summer camps at the PEAS farm.
  • Another 700 kids learned about growing food in their very own school gardens.
  • Garden City Harvest has 4 active school gardens.  This summer we will add another at Paxson Elementary School and are hoping to build a garden at Franklin Elementary School in the 2011-’12 school year.

Current Funding Sources: Individual donors, grants, program revenue
Needs: general funding, land security-owning the land or long-term agreement, funding more donations to food bank, other organizations in town, funding for youth programs and youth therapy
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 Partner Organizations:

  • Catholic Diocese of Helena
  • City of Missoula
  • Flagship Program
  • Glengarra Place
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  • homeWord
  • Missoula Food Bank
  • Missoula County Public Schools including Lowell School, Meadow Hill School, Paxon School, Washington School, Willard School
  • Missoula Housing Authority
  • Missoula Manor Affordable Housing
  • Missoula Parks and Recreation
  • Missoula Public Works
  • Missoula Youth Drug Court
  • Mountain Home Montana
  • Poverello Center including the Joseph Residence at Maclay Commons
  • Salvation Army’s Silvercrest Apartment Community
  • United Way of Missoula County
  • University Of Montana, Missoula:
  • Vantage Villa Affordable Housing
  • Watson Children’s Shelter
  • Youth Homes
  • YWCA
  • WIC Program
  • Environmental Studies Program
  • ASUM

photo by Andrea Zoltanetzky