Health in the 406

What is Health in the 406?

Health in the 406 is regular communication by DPHHS on a variety of wellness topics designed to raise awareness of health issues that impact the daily lives of Montanans.

They have regular scheduled messages that go out each month and special edition message as appropriate. If you have a topic you’d like to hear about please email them at

Why is Health in the 406 important?

They want people to “See Public Health Differently”.  Traditionally, public health brings to mind vaccinations, motor-vehicle safety, and control of infectious disease.  They continue to do important work in these areas, however, public health is so much more than what traditionally comes to mind.  It is a partnership of individuals and organizations that touches all of us from birth to death.  It’s not just something that our state and local health departments ‘do’, we all have a an important role in public health.

Who is Health in the 406 intended for?

Health in the 406 is intended for everyone, all Montanans, their families, friends and those visiting our great state.

Where can we find the Health in the 406 information?

In your inbox.  Simply visit their website and subscribe to receive their messages

MTDPHHS Facebook and twitter pages

Calling the Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Bureau at 1.844.MTHLT4U (844.684.5848)

See Public Health Differently
What comes to mind when you hear suicide, diabetes, falls, or cancer screening? Is it public health? Probably not. Public health typically brings to mind vaccinations, motor-vehicle safety, and control of infectious disease. It’s time to see public health differently. Public health touches each of us from birth to death and is much more than traditionally thought.
“Public health is a partnership of individuals and organizations, and all Montanans have a role,” says State Medical Officer Dr. Greg Holzman. “We want Montanans to become more aware of issues that impact their daily lives so that they can improve their health and enhance their quality of life for themselves and loved ones.”

For more information, contact:

Linda Krantz

Program Manager, State of Montana Department of Health & Human Services


1400 Broadway, Cogswell Bldg, Room C-314B, Helena, MT 59620