Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program

The mission of the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP) is to address the public health crisis caused by the use of all forms of commercial tobacco products. MTUPP will work to eliminate tobacco use, especially among young people, through statewide programs and policies. This program has made significant strides to reduce tobacco use in Montana and continues to help Montanans quit, as well as not start, using tobacco.

The Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program’s Goal Areas:

  • Preventing Youth Initiation
  • Promoting Quitting
  • Eliminating Secondhand Smoke Exposure
  • Eliminating Disparities Among Targeted Populations


Big Tobacco is targeting youth to create life-long customers. As current tobacco-users are dying, Big Tobacco needs to find their “replacement smokers.”

reACT is Montana’s teen-led movement against Big Tobacco. reACT joins statewide youth empowerment movements across the country in recognizing the power of young people to effectively take on one of our leading preventable causes of death: commercial tobacco use.

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To promote quitting the MTUPP has a Montana Tobacco Quit Line eligible for ALL Montananas! This quit line is FREE and is made up of many services including a personalized quit plan, pro-active cessation coaching sessions, 8 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy, three months of chantix, and reduced cost bupropion.

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There is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke is proven to cause heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. All people have a fundamental right to breathe clean air. Smokefree environments eliminate all smoking indoors and in common places of gathering, such as parks and rodeos, and are the only proven way to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure. The Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP) offers model policies, no cost signage and materials, and assistance to any organization wishing to implement tobacco-free policies.

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Although cigarette smoking has declined significantly since 1964, disparities in tobacco use remain across groups defined by race, ethnicity, educational level, and socioeconomic status and across regions of the country. MTUPP has Tobacco Prevention Specialists working specifically with Montanan youth and Montanan American Indian populations.

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