Lifestyle Balance (LSB) Diabetes Prevention Program

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States has increased from 1.5 million in 1958 to 21 million people in 2012  (DPHHS, 2018). In the state of Montana there are currently about 65,000 adults diagnosed with diabetes. The percent of Montanans diagnosed with diabetes continues to increase over the years.  Data based on a national survey estimates that the prevalence of pre-diabetes is 38%. From this data it is estimated that roughly 300,000 Montana adults have pre-diabetes (DPHHS, 2018).

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The Roundup Memorial Healthcare (RMH) is delivering pre-diabetes preventive education based on:

  • Making life-style changes and healthy choices
  • Reducing your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Utilizing the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) nationally recognized course curriculum.

Lifestyle Balance (LSB) is a diabetes prevention class that focuses on lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes.
The CDC created national standards for diabetes prevention (DPP) class participation, which requires provider referral, a written pre-diabetes test result with a score of 9 or more for risk factor verification, and at least one other positive risk indicator that places the participant at high risk for developing diabetes.
There is a required 1-year LSB class attendance commitment. Missed classes need to be made up.  The curriculum is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The core courses begin weekly for 12 weeks, then the class frequency decreases to every 2 weeks during months 4-7 and continue monthly for months 8-12.
Coaches who help facilitate the LSB class include a licensed dietitian, a certified health coach, a physical therapist, and a registered nurse/diabetes educator.
Until the program gains CDC recognition, RMH charges $10 per month per participant to cover supplies. Once the program is recognized by the CDC, they will be able to bill insurance for the class. They are required to track and send data about the participant’s progress (weight loss and activity) to the CDC.
Diabetes Support Group
Roundup Memorial Healthcare will also be starting a Diabetes Support Group.  The group will meet once a month on the fourth Monday to discuss a variety of topics designed to help provide support and you better self-manage your diabetes.
The Diabetes support group is an open door, peer-led meeting. The instructor will give a topic, and the group will run the meeting.
This group is designed to attract patients who may or may not have had any formal diabetes education but who may be open to receiving peer support and semi-structured education on how to better manage their diabetes. There is no charge for support group participation, and sessions are open door.
Check out their Brochures:
Diabetes Prevention Program
Diabetes Support Group

To sign up for classes or for more information contact:

Diabetes Educator and Clinical Health Coach

      Faith Hope Horpestad BSN, RN


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