Eat Right Montana

Eat Right Montana (ERM) is a diverse group of individuals and organizations who have come together with the common goal of providing consistent, science-based nutrition and physical activity messages to all Montanans. Since their beginning in 1992, they have grown and come to understand the necessity of collaboration and partnerships. As a coalition, they offer their partners:
• A common goal
• Coordination of efforts
• Consistent communications
• Shared resources
• Shared responsibilities
• Diverse partners
• Networking opportunities
• Opportunities for action
Their mission is to Endorse and support efforts to improve Montanans’ health through nutrition and fitness; promote the vision of ERM; develop, disseminate and market ERM themes and educational campaigns; seek collaborative partnerships with industry, governmental and non-profit organizations at the local, state and national level.
The Eat Right Montana (ERM) Coalition operates solely on donations, both financial and in-kind or grants pursued by its membership. Through ERM, they continue to be a forum for sharing resources and expertise to help Montanans live healthier lives and support Montana families in taking action for healthy lives.
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