The Hero Sound Project

Based in Missoula, Montana- Hero Sound Project is a program for Veterans which is part of The Zootown Arts Community Center’s Alternative Music Program (The ZACC) that has established a music program for our local Veterans. Hero’s Sound Project’s mission is to assist in the healing process of our Veterans with the use of Music creation. They also want to raise awareness of the Veteran suicide rate which is currently at 22 Veterans a day that are losing their battle at home trying to readjust to life after war.
Through the use of Music, they hope to break down the mental, physical, and social barriers that our wounded Veterans face and to improve their quality of life through self-expression in music. Their goal is to give our Veterans that sense of community and to give them a voice… A Voice of Rhythm and Song. Rebuilding the bonds that many Vets miss after leaving the military is vital.
The goals of the project are:
• To establish Community Bonds
• Elevate Self esteem
• Promote self-expression
• Assist in overcoming social anxiety
• Assist in overcoming any physical limitations the veteran may have in order to create music. (Use of other instruments when needed)
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