Shape Up Montana

Shape Up Montana is a fun, interactive three-month team-based wellness program for participants of all fitness levels.


Shape Up Montana is a fun, interactive three-month team-based wellness program for participants of all fitness levels. It is an evidence-based healthy lifestyle competition with teams of 4 to 10 people working in a group effort to increase their physical activity, develop healthy eating practices and/or lose weight. The program runs February 1 through May 1.  Participants will receive access to customized exercise calculators that convert their activities into miles completed, calculate your Body Mass Index, Target Heart Rate, and your Ideal Body Weight!
Shape Up Montana’s team concept brings people together, leveraging the most motivated to recruit and activate others. The program’s friendly competition and defined timeline aids participants in reaching their personal goals. Participants have fun while working together to achieve good health. It doesn’t require that participants workout together.
Team members in the Accumulated Activity division log their miles using the New Miles Calculator. Participants log miles online each month by visiting The Accumulated Activity category is divided into 5 groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced and Professional & Family Teams.
Weight Loss division team members focus on healthy appropriate eating and physical activity to reach their goals. This category is open to participants 18 years and older. Weight Loss is measured by a team’s percent of weight loss. Team weights are recorded online.
To help team members succeed, the Shape Up Montana support staff provides participants with an official workout t-shirt, weekly activity articles, nutrition information, and yummy healthy recipes to keep teams motivated. A resource page is also available for other valuable health and fitness information. To further encourage top of mind awareness and motivate participants, weekly activity/nutrition challenges are issued. Participants completing the weekly challenges earn bonus miles.
The Shape Up Montana team also supplies participants with relevant health and fitness information including fitness “How To’s” and animated exercises. In addition, all Shape Up Montana participants receive FREE entry in the Big Sky State Games Fitness Walk held in July during the State Games Opening Ceremonies in Billings.
The success of individual teams is greatly enhanced by the leadership of a supportive team captain. Team captains are in charge of registering, organizing and motivating their team throughout the competition.
Shape Up Montana is a program of the Big Sky State Games (Olympic-style sports festival) and in the spirit of the State Games gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the winning teams in all divisions at the conclusion of the program. Throughout the competition drawing prizes are presented as incentives for teams and team captains.
Shape Up Montana is striving to change inactivity and overweight trends with grassroots efforts that begin with one person who inspires another, who inspires another, who inspires another…

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