Big Sandy Cultural Center

Doug Giebel used his love for arts and education to get the ball rolling for a cultural center in his home town of Big Sandy, MT by renovating an unused part of the local grocery store.  Giebel made his mark as a theater director, actor, teacher and creative writing instructor in San Francisco and New York City. He hopes to share his experience with any who want to practice performing or their creative writing skills.The purpose of this renovation was for a public benefit and to encourage student curiosity. The Cultural Center has also been nicknamed the “curiosity center” or the “knowledge factory.”
The Cultural Center is a nonprofit and has been receiving donations from various sources. Over 3,000 books, renovation supplies, and art supplies have been donated thus far. Giebel, who has an extensive arts background, says the center will concentrate on performing, singing, acting, writing and public speaking skills,  holding movie nights and live performances, sponsoring lectures and demonstrations, and even preparing students for college. When completed, it is planned to exhibit the creative work of both student and adult artists from around the state.
The goal of the Cultural Center is to encourage curiosity, compassion and creativity among the community. This summer, the Big Sandy Cultural Fund sponsored free summer workshops in the arts, drama, performance and creative writing for all ages. The After School Program is open Fridays, 1 to 4 and open any other time by arrangement.
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