River City Harvest

Posted on August 14, 2017
In 2008, Deb Oleynik and Amy Grisak, a freelance writer on gardening subjects, approached Cascade county Extension Service agent Wes Crouch about starting a community garden in Great Falls to provide a gardening location for those without an ideal growing area at home.  Theresa Kiss joined them shortly there after.  They laid the initial groundwork, and with the help of a steering committee, River City Harvest, Inc. was a reality.  The first garden opening 2009 at Park Place Health Care Center in a 9,000 square foot field.
River City Harvest has 5 gardens and 2 greenhouses.  They provide gardening space for the community, the Salvation Army food bank, Meals on Wheels, Aging services, organic gardening, the herb club and many more. The garden at Park Place is the largest garden of the group with approximately 18,000 square feet of space.  Each plot has enough space for a small family to have fresh veggies (and a few to spare) throughout the summer. The River City Harvest Greenhouse is located in the Cascade County Disaster and Emergency Services building. Managed by Master Gardeners, it is used for continuing education, and produces fresh vegetables and herbs year round for local senior centers and Meals on Wheels. The garden at the Electric City Conservatory is their all organic garden. It has 20 plots, 100 square feet each. Perfect for a beginner or square foot gardening. The Salvation Army garden regularly provides food for families in need and relies solely on volunteers. The Southside Garden  mission is to improve the dietary intake of low income senior citizens over the age of 60, disabled young adults and disadvantaged children.The newest garden and first ever community garden is starting off small with a dozen plots, 300 sq feet in size and hope to expand every year.
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