Beaverhead Trails Coalition

The BTC is a local, grassroots coalition that formed in 2009 by community members wishing to make a difference.

Their story:
Beaverhead Trails Coalition is comprised of people across the community who saw the need to create more safe, fun and healthy opportunities locally. They realized this vision included creating a trail system in the nearby foothills, connecting routes and trails in-town so people could travel more safely through town without a vehicle. They saw the need for bicycles to be more accessible to all, regardless of income.  And they saw the need for children to get to school safely while incorporating healthy lifestyle changes. The organization is family-friendly, open and welcoming to members and participants of all ages, from all parts of the community.

Beaverhead Trails Coalition aims to help the community in a variety of ways.The BTC is currently working on 4 main projects areas. High Trails: acquiring, and making open to the public over 1,100 acres of private land; In-Town Trails: connecting existing routes within the city to create a full trail system; Bike Recycling: taking donating bikes, making functional and donating to whomever needs one; Walking School Bus: giving students the opportunity to walk/ride bike to school safely w volunteers three times a week

In August 2014, Beaverhead Trails Coalition signed an agreement to begin their largest project to date, The Dillon High Trails Area.  Over the course of six years, BTC will work towards acquiring over 1100 acres and many miles of trails available to all whom wish to hike, mountain bike, and horseback ride within minutes of Dillon. The In-Town group is working on putting in a public park, adding a safe crosswalk across a busy highway, and connecting it all so the community can connect both sides of town safely.

Mission Statement:

To promote a healthy lifestyle in their community by creating, maintaining and supporting a system of safe routes, trails and programs which encourage regular walking, bicycling and other forms of outdoor activity.

The Beaverhead Trails Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt corporation with our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws filed and approved by the Montana Secretary of State on August 23, 2012.

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