Livingston Health Care Programs


Livingston HealthCare serves and strengthens the Park County region as a healthcare provider, as the county’s largest employer, and as a community citizen. Beyond the healthcare services we provide, they offer community benefit services and programs that promote health, healing and overall well-being.

Livingston HealthCare helps to prepare your child for life and learning with this free check-up performed by pediatric specialists from Livingston HealthCare, Community Health Partners, the Park County Special Education Coop, Head Start and Family Outreach. For children birth to five years old these screenings assess readiness for learning and life and include:

  • Physical check-up
  • Physical skills check-up
  • Speech & language check-up
  • Learning readiness check
  • Hearing screen
  • Snacks and other fun activities

An annual free screening event is held each fall. Mini-screenings are offered once a month at Livingston HealthCare.

The Athlete Wellness Program is Livingston HealthCare’s commitment to Park County school sports. Livingston HealthCare encourages 12-17 year olds to get a “Good to Go!” annual checkup. The 30-minute visit includes a thorough physical evaluation, vision exam, growth check, and education with a healthcare provider to prepare teens for summer activities, school sports, and life. Each year they provide more than 500 checkups at discounted rates to prepare students for the new school and sports year. Designed to improve The program is provided each summer on specific days to Park County student athletes.
Athlete Wellness
The Athlete Wellness Program includes one free orthopedic examination and two free visits to a physical therapist to take action on injuries received during a school sports practice or game. Although other services that may be needed during the exam such as e-rays, MRI, lab work, etc. are not included for free, most of these services are covered by most insurance plans.  All students need to do is mention their status as a student athlete and Livingston Health Care will get students in as soon as possible—to get them back to their sport and their team.
Free Clinical Breast Exams 
The American Cancer Society recommends that women under age 40 should have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years. After age 40, women should have a breast exam by a health professional every year, including a screening mammogram. Free clinical breast exam appointments are now available at Livingston HealthCare as part of Paint Park County Pink, a program to increase awareness about breast health and breast cancer prevention.
Livingston HealthCare Mammogram Program
Livingston HealthCare’s goal is to ensure that women in Park, Sweet Grass, and Meagher counties have access to annual mammograms.The Livingston HealthCare Mammogram Fund helps provide access to mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women, thanks to a grant from the Montana Affiliate of Komen for the Cure. The program guidelines have been created to complement the Montana Breast and Cervical Health Program to serve as many women as possible.
Livingston HealthCare’s Mammogram Program covers screening and diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasounds for women:

  • Aged 49 and under (including women under 40 where a mammogram is medically necessary)
  • Who have no insurance or a high deductible
  • Who meet the income requirements (see website for more information)
  • Who live in Park, Sweet Grass, or Meagher Counties

Health Screens
A health screen is a great way to get a basic overview of your current state of health. Health screens are available at Livingston Memorial Hospital on a walk-in basis in addition to the annual Fall and Spring health Fairs! The testing includes a blood profile and coronary heart disease risk evaluation. The screen will also check:

  • Glucose
  • Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • Potassium and Sodium
  • TSH
  • Hematocrit
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglyceride
  • HDL-Cholesterol
  • LDL-Cholesterol