Laurel Public Schools Wellness Program

Laurel Public School’s (LPS) Wellness Program’s mission is “to encourage and promote the well-being of our staff through education, prevention, and district-wide programs that provides opportunities which support improvement in the elements of overall health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, and financial.”


LPS Wellness program goals and objectives for 2012-2013 include:

  • Ensuring every LPS employee has an opportunity to participate in the wellness program.
  • Promoting an understanding of all elements of wellness.
  • Getting 100% of covered employees and spouses registered on the miBenefits/miCare system.
  • Increase utilization of miCare services to 60-70%.
  • Increase Health Assessment participation to 90% of employees and 70% of covered spouses.

The LPS Wellness Program began in 2004 with an annual health fair and health risk assessments.  Since that time, it has grown to a comprehensive program featuring many opportunities for employees and covered spouses to improve health through nutrition, exercise, stress-relief and financial wellness programs.  The annual health fair with free comprehensive blood screenings and flu shots along with health assessments continues to be the cornerstone of the wellness strategy.  The shining star of the LPS Wellness Program is their onsite miCare Clinic, now in its 4th year.  Three days a week the Clinic is manned by a physician or PA and a nurse.    Covered employees and their covered dependents can enjoy free doctor visits and annual physicals as well as free basic lab tests with no co-pay and no deductible.  There is also access to a miCare pharmacy offering free generic medications and name brand medications at a cost of $30 for a 90-day supply.
Additional free offerings include several onsite fitness classes, tap dance classes, financial fitness and stress-relief strategy programs, an annual walking competition, and bowling events.  Employees also enjoy free fruit and dark chocolate a couple of times a year as well as onsite visits from the Mammogram Bus, weekly chair massages for $1 per minute, and a rebate for first-time Weight Watcher participants.  Last but not least, employees have access to the Mayo Clinic health website.
For more information, visit the LPS website: