My Neighbor in Need

Since its beginning on March 20, 2012, My Neighbor in Need has grown from a one volunteer, Limited Liability Company to a Montana Nonprofit Corporation with 501(c)(3) approval. They have a Board of Directors and the organization has several staff members including the Executive Director.  My Neighbor in Need just celebrated 5 years of helping their community in March. My Neighbor in Need also relies on volunteer organizations and individuals in the communities of Havre and Chinook and My Student in Need relies on teachers and school professionals in each of the schools they serve. My Neighbor in Need and My Student in Need are brought to communities by countless caring and devoted individuals.
The Founder of the organization, Dave Snuggs never could have imagined the growth of this organization to what it is today or where it is going tomorrow. My Neighbor in Need and My Student in Need are funded primarily through donations by countless individuals and businesses in the communities they serve.
As of July 2016, the My Neighbor in Need website has fulfilled over 7,000 need requests and My Student in Need has fulfilled just over 1,500 requests. Those fulfillments have included everything from a warm winter coat, bedding, a bed to sleep on or a couch for a neighbor’s living room. Donors have helped their Neighbor’s in Need with car repairs, utility bills, transit bus passes and bicycles to get to and from work. For student’s in need, donors have provided clothing, shoes, instrument rentals, binders, backpacks and so much more. It’s all been done anonymously with no embarrassment to the individual in need. My Neighbor in Need and My Student in Need truly represent the good in the communities they serve, because without the support of the community, the neighbor’s in need would have fewer places to turn.
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