Granite County Medical Foundation Wellness Talks

Posted on May 15, 2017
The mission statement of the Granite County Medical Foundation(GCMF) is to provide support to the Hospital District and to improve the lives of their community residents and patients through philanthropic efforts. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are intended to advance excellence in Granite County’s health care services and health education by providing financial support to maintain these critical services.
Granite County Medical Foundation is hosting “Wellness Talks: All About Addiction” on May 18th, 2017.
For National Prevention Week,  Granite County Medical Foundation will be hosting a wellness talk all about addiction. Health experts will be discussing the science behind addiction, as well as prevention, risks, statistics, action steps and local Montana resources. This is a family-friendly, free event with snacks and beverages provided. Get event updates on Facebook or visit GCMF’s website for more information.
GCMF Wellness Talks are a quarterly event, each targeting major health concerns that effect Granite County citizens. Each talk will cover a different topic, so don’t miss this chance to hear the latest science and expertise on the issues that matter most in rural counties.