Harlowton Rail Trail

Harlowton, Montana is an excellent example of a community dedicated to creating a healthy environment. The community supports healthy choices, and provides community members with the facilities needed to make healthy choices.
When the Milwaukee Railroad closed the tracks through Harlowton in 1974, some feared the community would be unable to survive without the town’s biggest employer.  However, the community members rallied to make sure that Harlowton would remain the charming town it had always been.
Radical changes were made to better Harlowton, such as the development of a walking trail that spans just over one mile.   The creation of the “Rail Trail” began 3 years ago and goes through the center of the railroad town and features historical landmarks along the way.  Half of the trail has been paved and plans for the coming year include paving the remainder of the trail as well as installing benches along the path.  The walking trail has become increasingly popular among residents and visitors alike, and people can be seen walking, running and biking everyday of the week.
The walking tail is currently being maintained by the employees of the Milwaukee Depot Museum.  Visitors to the walking trail are encouraged to visit the museum, which is open Memorial Day through Labor Day.
For more information about the walking trail or the Milwaukee Depot Museum contact Carol Naasz at (406) 632-4720.