Power of Choice 2017

The Shelby ~ Toole County Transportation Safety Committee/DUI Task Force are working in partnership with Shelby High School and North Toole County High School on Power of Choice 2017. The day, April 5th, 2017, is devoted to empowering young people to develop life skills to address stress, problem solving, conflict resolution, interacting with others, and goal setting.

The Shelby ~ Toole County Transportation Safety Committee/DUI Task Force is a dedicated group of city and county officials, law enforcement, medical professionals, school representatives, judicial officials and local transportation authorities who have been working since 2010 to bring awareness, encouragement, and education primarily focusing on inattentive/distracted driving and alcohol/drug impaired driving, as well as other crucial community issues.
Power of Choice’s primary focus is a school education program.  In 2015, the group hosted the first Power of Choice Day.  The day provided small group presentations on distracted driving, impaired driving, suicide prevention, tobacco use, and decision making.  These educational opportunities brought together high school students from Shelby and North Toole County to listen to the impactful words of people personally affected by these risk behaviors.  They heard parents talk of losing their children; young adults who overcame addiction; and young prison inmates who must now live with their decision-making behind bars.
This year they are bringing representatives from Life of An Athlete Human Performance Project to speak.  This program will provide presentations related to drinking and driving, intervention, making good choices, and life skills.
In addition, the fast-paced trivia program, “Reality Check” will give students the chance to show off their knowledge in a game show format.  Questions will involve current events, pop culture, and random facts all with a strong emphasis related to bullying prevention.

Shelby students taking the pledge IT CAN WAIT (against texting and driving)

Check out the event flyer here—> Power of Choice 2017

Contact Commissioner Deb Brandon for more information on the Power of Choice 2017

(406) 424-8314 or at dbrandon@toolecountymt.gov