Roundup Backpack Program

Because one in five Montana children are food insecure, Roundup Backpack Program was started in 2013 to provide food during the weekends for children in need.

 The Roundup Backpack Program is a health and wellness program that provides non-perishable bags of food on Friday to sustain the child for the weekend. The program is currently serving approximately 40 children and also provides some bags for the High School. The program is beginning to make bags for Head Start in their community as well. Along with non perishable items, a piece of fruit is also added to each bag. The Roundup Backpack Program members believe the key to success for their program is consistency. The program partners with the Montana Foodbank Network in order to provide supplemental food for children in the community. Grants, donors, and fundraisers also allow the program to reach more children in the community. The program relies on teacher and parent referrals to determine who is in need of extra assistance.

Backpack programs are believed to have started in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 when a school nurse noticed children complaining of a lack of food at home. The school nurse in partnership with a local foodbank found a way to discretely give bags of nonperishable items to children in need. That is the main goal for the Roundup Backpack Program. The program is a way to assist meeting the nutritional needs of Roundup’s children.

Interested in more information about the Roundup Backpack Program? Contact Doreen Rech at or 406-323-1245