First Interstate Bank Wellness Program



First Interstate Bank cares about the health of their employees and rewards employees for taking charge.
Beginning this year, employees were encouraged to complete a health risk assessment (HRA).  Completing an HRA is the first step to assessing overall health.  The HRA questionnaire positively impacts health by giving employees a personalized report about health while identifying any possible risk-factors for disease.  After completing the HRA, employees are awarded Wellness Credits toward health plan premiums.  In addition, employees are offered a 1-year health coaching program for any risk-factors that may have been identified by the HRA.  Personalized health coaches assist employees with their challenging health issues and help to improve their quality of life.  On-site blood screenings and blood pressure readings are offered regularly, and a monthly Top Health Newsletter is distributed to each employee.  Employee Assistance Programs are offered free of charge for those seeking behavior change
Many First Interstate Bank branches offer reimbursement for gym memberships and feature a community refrigerator stocked full of healthy food options.  First Interstate Bank also participates in the annual Shape Up Montana program, with over 85 teams registered this year.  First Interstate Bank is always looking for great ways to inform and motivate their employees.