Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition

Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition works to promote and ensure a healthy, sustainable community. It is comprised of volunteers dedicated to identifying community issues and needs and working together to coordinate supportive community activities.
Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition (DCHCC) has been serving the Glendive community since 2001.  Comprised of volunteers who work collaboratively to “Promote and Ensure a Healthy Sustainable Community,” DCHCC was established by a group of concerned citizens.  “Inclusion, sustainability and asset based activities” were the original core values of the coalition. Put simply, everyone is welcome to participate in the coalition which is committed to making changes for the long haul, focusing on the positive not the negative.
DCHCC received federal funding through a Drug Free Communities Grant (DFC).  The DFC was issued in 2004 and is providing funds for operating expenses until October of 2010.  In order for continued assistance to be granted, the coalition has begun designing a Sustainability Plan so the coalition may continue on with its mission to “Promote and Ensure A Healthy, Sustainable Community.”
Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition works to promote and ensure a healthy sustainable community via several avenues.   Reducing substance abuse among Dawson County’s youth, enhancing protective factors in the community, and promoting the increase of collaborative and cooperative efforts among all sectors of Dawson County are core goals of the coalition.
The coalition works to identify community issues and needs, and encourage the sharing of resources, knowledge and information.  The coalition has brought a network of committed community members together to work on collaboration and program development to support and coordinate ongoing community activities.  The group meets monthly, on the 4th Wednesday at 8:00 am in the basement of the courthouse.
Opportunities are abundant for those wanting to become involved.  Several committees including the Beautification, Positive Rewards, Evaluation, and Sustainability committees, are open to volunteers.
The coalition works hard on several programs and projects within the community including Character Counts, Community Champions, Farm to Table, Parent Education, Positive Rewards, and Women’s Health.  For more information on any of these projects, visit the webiste http://prevention.mt.gov/resource/coalitions/view.php?id=2169.