Healthy Lifestyles Program


Holy Rosary Healthcare has offered a Healthy Lifestyle program for those wanting to change their own person lifestyle since 2008.  The program is for individuals interested in losing weight, increasing physical activity, and decreasing risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Healthy Lifestyles program is based on a medically guided program that helps participants make long-term, sustainable changes to live a more healthful life. The program consists of 1:1 sessions with a trained lifestyle coach, periodic assessments, personalized goal setting, a 16-week core program with weekly educational and exercise sessions and 6-month follow-up program with classes, assessments, and coaching sessions.
The program is divided into two main sections – the 16-week core program and the six months of follow-up curriculum. The 16-week core program includes:

  • weight loss and lifestyle goal setting
  • personal lifestyles coach for 1:1 coaching
  • weekly educational sessions monitoring patient status on goal attainment
  • diet and physical activity recommendations
  • guided exercise activities available weekly (between weekly sessions 5-16)

The six months of follow-up curriculum includes:

  • ongoing meetings with personal lifestyles coach
  • monthly educational group sessions
  • additional assistance and tracking of lifestyle goals
  • activities to keep participants on track and working toward their long-term lifestyle change

The enrollment fee for the 10-month program is free for individuals with Medicaid or 100$ for individuals without Medicaid. Scholarships are also available to help with costs of this program.
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