District 2 Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coalition

The prevention programs at District 2 Alcohol and Drug are primarily focused towards underage substance abuse and misuse.  Currently, they are working on underage drinking prevention ages 12-20, underage drinking and driving ages 12-20, and prescription drug abuse and misuse ages 12-25. They also work with communities to create policies for liquor license holders and teach Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service classes to help reduce the retail access of alcohol to underage youth.
Both Dawson and McCone County have received the Partners for Success grants, allowing prevention staff to work on underage drinking, underage drinking and driving, and prescription drug abuse and misuse in the counties. This allows  students, parents, and community members tools and resources that answer the questions how and why when it comes to underage drinking prevention. District 2 Alcohol and Drug Prevention program works closely with two coalitions in Dawson County: the Dawson County DUI Task Force and the Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition. They provide prevention resources and insights, and allow input from community members towards the problem of underage drinking in the community. In McCone County, the coalition partner is the McCone County DUI Task Force.
Both counties have had law enforcement participate in doing Party Patrols, DUI Patrols, and Sobriety Foot Patrols. Both counties have also implemented a “Sticker Shock” campaign. Prevention staff created a logo to help remind members of the community who are of legal drinking age not to buy alcohol for minors. The signs were made into window clings, shelf talkers, and post cards, and posted on beer coolers, shelves, and on counters in convenient stores and grocery stores. Both counties received overwhelming support from their communities.  We use the Montana Prevention Needs Assessment that is administered in the schools each even year as the data to evaluate the needs of each county, and our progress. Media has also been a huge factor within their campaign from media ads and billboards in Dawson County, and media ads in McCone County. Active members of prevention for Dawson County include members from each of the coalitions, schools, and retailers. In McCone County, active members include those of the DUI task force, the county health nurse, and the superintendent of the schools. The Prevention Specialist’s in both counties have been working with the schools and providing the resources necessary for prevention education.
Their goal is to educate both counties to the best of their ability about the dangers of underage drinking, underage drinking and driving, and prescription drug abuse and misuse.
Contact Nicole Hackley or Melissa Kostelecky at 406-433-4097 for more information about the District II alcohol & Drug Coalition!
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