Colstrip Parks and Recreation District


The Colstrip Community Center’s purpose is to help, serve, and improve the quality of life in Colstrip, Montana. The Colstrip Community Center fitness facilities get more use than any other facility in the park district. They try to keep up the best and safest equipment available for their countless users. In addition, they have a multitude of classes with all skill levels and well trained staff eager to assist users with goals for improving their health.
The Colstrip Community Center offers numerous health resources for all ages. The center offers adult fitness classes including zumba, yoga, spin, and many more. The center also provides health options for children including an open gym, fitness classes, an afterschool program, and a breakfast program. The Breakfast Club is open every morning that school is in session and provides a fun, safe place for children to be before school begins.  Breakfast is available on site through the school lunch program.  While at the program, children may receive help with homework, spend time playing games, or participate in other fun, supervised activities.
The Colstrip Park and Recreation district is also starting the 2017 Meltdown. The Meltdown is a weight loss program that provides incentives to lose weight and keep it off. Each week participants are given goals to attain in order to receive a plethora of fun prizes. This incentive program is set up not as a contest to see who can lose the most amount of weight, but who can lose it through lifestyle, eating, and exercise changes.
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