The Healthy Teton County Coalition


The Healthy Teton County Coalition began in October 2013, when several concerned community members got together and brainstormed how business, organizations, and individuals living and working in Teton County could get together and advocate for healthier lifestyles.
There are already a good number of resources available in Teton County that promote healthy living, and the Coalition strives to serve as a network for those resources, making them more accessible to its residents. The coalition has advocated for healthier lifestyles by promoting local fun runs and putting on a local bike fair with Benefis. The bike fair was able to provide free helmets and bike safety education to 3rd graders in Teton County. The Healthy Teton County Coalition is open to anyone and everyone who is investing in making Teton County a happier, healthier place to live.
To promote healthy living among residents of Teton County through community-wide collaboration and communication.
The Healthy Teton County Coalition is a united effort to improve the quality of life and health of residents of Teton County.
1. Focus on a community-wide network and effective communication that will improve access to existing resources in Teton County
2. Periodically assess the health status and needs of individuals living in Teton County.
3. Identify and prioritize shared objectives that will improve the health of Teton County residents, including long-term systems level change and short-term high impact projects.
4. Establish local partnerships and community problem solving capacity that will address the prioritized objectives.
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