Montana Association for the Blind


Promoting the economic self-sufficiency of blind Montanans

The Montana Association for the Blind (MAB) is a statewide, nonprofit, self-help, consumer organization. The MAB was founded by blind and visually impaired Montanans and their friends in 1946.

The Association works to better the lives of blind and visually impaired Montanans with their summer training program, teaching needed skills to newly blind adults and by advocating on issues affecting the blind and visually impaired.

Mission and Vision
The mission of the Montana Association for the Blind is to promote the economic and social self-sufficiency of blind Montanans through the facilitation of quality education, learning, training, and employment services and opportunities, and to foster a positive understanding of blindness.

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Summer Orientation
The Summer Orientation Program (SOP) is designed for adults who have recently experienced vision loss. The four-week long program teaches visually impaired adults the skills necessary to live independently and to function in their home, community, and at work. The program is held each year, mid-June to mid-July on the Carroll College campus in Helena, MT.
When vision loss occurs it becomes necessary to learn other ways of doing everyday tasks.
Skills Taught:

  • Safe travel in home and community
  • Use of adaptive equipment for home and work
  • Alternative methods of writing including Braille and writing guides
  • Computer programs for the visually impaired
  • Methods of marking appliances and equipment
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Support networks are formed
  • Community resources are shared
  • Adaptive recreation

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The MAB has 11 local chapters across the state

Great Falls

MAB supported by member contributions, fundraisers and contributions through Montana Shares.The Montana Association for the Blind is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.
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