Discovery Walks


Discovery Walks: Trail Exploration Series

Explore a trail, learn something new, and meet a friend at a free, one-hour, guided trail walk on the Main Street to the Mountains trail system. The Discovery Walk series goes from June through August and features a number of activities and educational topics.
Program Description
“We knew that there were people in our community who were intimidated by trails or didn’t know where to start. A guided trail walk is a way to introduce the trail system and help people navigate and explore new areas with someone else who is familiar with it. Trails connect the community and so these walks are also a way for people to meet their neighbors.” – EJ Porth, Communications and Outreach Manager at Gallatin Valley Land Trust
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  • Discovery Walks are hosted 9-12 times per month on a number of different trails in the community
  • Each walk is unique and has an associated theme such as history talks, wildflower identification, yoga, children’s nature walks, meditation, photography and many more
  • The walks are one-hour in length so that they can be accessible to people with busy schedules
  • All walks are free
  • anyone is welcome to attend the walks, from small children to seniors
  • Meeting locations are included on a google map on their website
  • At the end of each walk, participants are given a trail map so they can learn to navigate more trails on their own

Program Highlights
“We had a participant who told us that she had lived in Bozeman for 20 years but had never been on Peets Hill (Bozeman’s most iconic and popular trail). When asked why she said she just didn’t have anyone to go with. Trails can be intimidating if you’re not used to using them. This program helped people explore a new trail in a safe and fun environment. Some wanted to learn something new and some wanted to meet new friends. People came for different reasons but all seemed to get something out of it.” -EJ Porth
Target Population: Seniors, low-income, newcomers, novice trail users
Website URL:
Partner Organizations:  City of Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department
Current Funding Sources:  Private Family Foundation Grant

Contact Information:

EJ Porth

Communications and Outreach Manager at Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Phone: 406-587-8404 ext. 8


Mailing Address: PO Box 7021 Bozeman, MT 59771