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Reach Kidney Care is a chronic kidney disease educational (CKD) program. Reach provides group CKD education classes or education to individuals diagnosed with CKD-with a referral from their physician or healthcare provider.  The Reach team consists of: an RN, renal dietitian and social worker.  There is no fee for this educational service.  Reach Kidney Care is a division of DCI (Dialysis Clinic Incorporated).
DCI created a short film entitled Reach Across Montana. In this powerful film we get a glimpse of what living what chronic kidney disease is like through the stories of local Montanans.

Hope Mitchell, RN, BSN  is the Care Coordinator of the Reach Program in Billings, Montana. Hope has been serving people with kidney disease since 2003. Her passion is to empower people with more knowledge to make informed decisions.
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Reach Kidney Care is a patient-centered program with a two-fold mission:

  • Reach people with kidney disease before they develop kidney failure, teaching them strategies to maintain their kidney function and complete health.
  • Provide education and support to those with kidney failure, preparing them for a safe and effective transition into the therapy of their choice.

You are at risk for kidney disease if you have:
High blood pressure
Heart disease
A family history of kidney disease
The only way to know if you have kidney disease is to get checked by your doctor.
Chronic kidney disease does not go away, but there are steps you can take to keep your kidneys working longer.
Source: National Kidney Foundation
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To watch the RHI webinar, Taking Care of Your Kidneys, presented by Hope Mitchell, RN, BSN, click here

For more information about Reach Kidney Care Contact Contact:

Hope Mitchell, RN, BSN,  CKD Care Coordinator/Reach Kidney Care

Phone:406-252-9270 ext 4037


Mailing Address: 2411 Village Lane, Billings, MT, 59102