Girls on the Run Father’s Day 5k

Girls on the Run of Montana is hosting its 3rd annual 5k

The event will take place in Belgrade Montana at the River Rock Community Center

Father’s day Weekend, June 20, 2015

The event is open for people of all ages and ability levels

Register here!

Girls on the Run is a Nationwide non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls in the community. They strive t0 “create a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.”

Girls on the run has several programs customized for girls of various ages. At the end of each three month session, the girls participate in a Girls on the Run 5k event.  This celebratory, non-competitive event is the culminating experience of the curriculum.

  • The 10-12 week program designed for girls in 3rd to 5th grade is an afterschool program. The lessons encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Physical activity in woven into the program to inspire an appreciation of fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health.
  • Heart & Sole is the curriculum designed for girls in 6th to 8th grade. This programs helps girls discover who they are and gives them the tools to navigate through the teenage years and beyond. The 10 week program is accessible for girls of all fitness levels.
  • Girls on Track is another program designed for middle school aged girls. The curriculum allows for more mature processing around certain topics including eating disorders, internet safety, relationships, cyber-bullying and tobacco and alcohol use. The girls discuss these subjects on an in-depth level and use their personal experiences to shape discussion.thN9IXG8T7

Girls on the Run uses running “To inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment. Important social, psychological, and physical skills and abilities are developed and reinforced throughout the program. At each season’s conclusion, the girls and their running buddies complete a 5k running event which gives them a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. The result—making the seemingly impossible, possible, and teaching girls that they can.”

The Bozeman Chapter of Girls on the Run is operated by Thrive and is currently the only Girls on the Run council in Montana.

To start a council in your community check out the Girls on the Run website!