Wear Orange Wednesday

Looking for a fun, engaging activity to bring to your community in April?

Look no further! Montana No Kid Hungry is launching our first year of the Wear Orange Wednesday campaign. It is SO easy to get involved. Montana No Kid Hungry is committed to ending childhood hunger in our state, and your involvement in this 1-day activity will help to increase awareness of this important issue! Attached please find all of the materials that you need to be a part of this exciting state-wide movement.

Who: You and your community!

What: Wear Orange Wednesday

Where: Anywhere!

When: April 15th ALL DAY

Why: 1 in 5 children in Montana struggle with hunger. The color orange represents child hunger awareness. By wearing this color and encouraging others to do the same, you are increasing awareness and standing united with the cause of ending childhood hunger.

How: Take a picture of yourself, your class, your staff, your co-workers, etc. wearing orange and post it to the MT No Kid Hungry facebook page: facebook.com/nokidhungrymontana.

Questions? Contact Lily Herd at Lherd@mt.gov or call (406) 444-5940.
For more information or to download posters, please visit their website: