Dr. Crystal Knight, Heidi Halverson, Janice McFarland, Lacy, from Fuller Family Medicine and Laurie Newton

We are ecstatic to have received so many submissions for our Celebrating Montana Healthcare Careers: National Rural Health Day Contest this year. We would like to recognize the students who participated in this contest, and the healthcare workers they interviewed. Each week we will post five submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Makayla Dominguez

Name: Dr. Crystal Knight, MD, who works at the Billings Clinic

Student: Makayla Dominguez, a junior who attends the Billings Career Center

Challenges: Not having access to the top medical supplies and not having the ease of access to collaborate with other top doctors around the nation

Benefits: Being able to create meaningful relationships with patients and being able to be plugged into your community

Bradyn Buchanan

Name: Heidi Halverson, a dental hygienist at Ike Heaphy DDS in Missoula

Student: Bradyn Buchanan, a sophomore from Sentinel High

Challenges: Connecting, there are no dental schools in Missoula, so getting to-date dental technology is harder. I’m sort of jealous of people who are connected because they can take more classes and advance. Also connecting with more dental hygienists who have more education, also collaborating with more dentists and dental hygienists would be cool.

Benefits: Being in a smaller community, you get to know your patients better and have a relationship with then. Your schedule is also more flexible and you’re not as stressed as you would be in big cities. Also, there are two dental instrument companies in Missoula which is rare but cool that all our products are Montana made. Also more opportunities to be more people’s consultant.

CJ Manacop

Name: Janice McFarland

Student: CJ Manacop, a junior who attends the Billings Career Center

Challenges: Distance for quality care is far, current technology isn’t readily available in a timely manner, and healthcare expertise is if focused on rural communities

Benefits: Less violent issues at hospitals, more connection with patients, and more community support Billings Clinic is the health care

Rylee Hastings

Name: Lacy, a nurse at Fuller Family Medicine

Student: Rylee Hastings from the Billings Career Center

Challenges: It is more difficult for people to get the medical care they need.

Benefits: You get to really know some of your patients.

Rylee hopes to become an ER doctor someday.

Dante Lopez

Name: Laurie Newton, a Certified Pharmacy Technician at Riverside

Student: Dante Lopez, a senior who attends the Billings Career Center

Challenges: Some challenges of working in a rural community are the income, poverty levels, basic general health care (preventative health, and check-ups) and mental health issues.

Benefits: Some benefits of working in a rural community are helping people get full benefits of what we offer to themselves and their families. Make sure they get into all programs to make there lives better.