Danielle Bledsoe, Isabel Riedwaldt, Harly Dwight, Amiee Rust and Cheryl Lindell

We are ecstatic to have received so many submissions for our Celebrating Montana Healthcare Careers: National Rural Health Day Contest this year. We would like to recognize the students who participated in this contest, and the healthcare workers they interviewed. Each week we will post five submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Chelsea Lalum

Name:Danielle Bledsoe, a dental assistant

Student: Chelsea Lalum who goes to Sentinel High School

Challenges: It’s expensive to get the dentistry work done and when people come in getting stuff done and we can’t help them get it done if they don’t have insurance.

Benefits: It’s slower pace it’s not really busy you can spend more time with patients not rushing them through.

Teanna Riojas

Name: Isabel Riedwaldt, an IV Technician and Purchaser at St. Vincent’s

Student: Teanna Riojas,  a senior who goes to West High School and the Career Center


  • Everything has to be shipped in (medicine, supplies).
  • Sometimes there is not enough of a certain medicine for a patient in critical situation.
  • Some of the employees are not the best. (Not licensed)
  • Patients sometimes have to be flown out to bigger cities where they can get the special care they need.


  • You know everyone
  • Some hospital or healthcare centers can also be a teaching hospital.
  • Close to home

Kylie Walters

Name: Harly Dwight (physician assistant) Sarah Ann Zimmerman (nurse) workers at Billings Clinic Express Care

Student: Kylie Walters, a senior who attends the Billings Career Center

Challenges: Dwight answered, “The challenges of working in a rural community is the access to specialty care and the difficulty to make trips to Billings for urgent help.”

Benefits: Sarah Ann Zimmerman responded as”The benefits of working in a rural community is to know your patients and their families.”

Rachel Kraft

Name: Amiee Rust, who works at the Yellowstone Counseling Center

Student: Rachel Kraft, a sophomore who attends the Billings Career Center

Challenges: A challenge would he having to be able to work with people with any kind of condition, because there are not enough people to specialize in everything.

Benefits: A benefit would be being able to get to know the other professionals that you work with because there is not that many of them.

Whitney Fjelstad

Name: Cheryl Lindell , who works for Skyview Veterinary Hospital.

Student: Whitney Fjelstad, who is a junior attending  Billings Skyview High School

Challenges: Cheryl said it would be keeping up with technology. She said she felt like most other places are so ahead with the technology, while here in Montana its harder to keep up with it all.

Benefits: Cheryl also said the benefit of working in a rural area is that she is able to keep a close relationship with her animals and the owners.