Janice Schultz, Sharon Colchin, Dr. Rauckhorst,Dr. Christopher Price and Cole from Access Fitness

We are ecstatic to have received so many submissions for our Celebrating Montana Healthcare Careers: National Rural Health Day Contest this year. We would like to recognize the students who participated in this contest, and the healthcare workers they interviewed. Each week we will post five submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Arianna Bigart

Name: Janice Schultz, who is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Student: Arianna Bigart, Junior from Sentinel High

Challenges: One of the challenges of working in a rural community is not having the latest and greatest technology and equipment.

Benefits: One benefit to working in a rural community is that you are closer to your co-workers and you know everyone you work with.

Arianna is interested in becoming a nutritionist, chiropractor or a personal trainer.

Kristen Frazer

Name: Sharon Colchin (FNP-BC) a.k.a. (Family Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified) who works at Community Physicians Group.

Student: Kristen Frazer from Sentinel High

Challenges: People tend not to seek healthcare until they are sick and they tend to not participate in preventative care.

Benefits: You get to really know the people and you gain trust.

Kristen is not sure what career path she is most interested in, but she thinks she would love to be a film director, novelist, architect, or physical therapist.

Connor Rauckhorst

Name: Dr. Rauckhorst, who is an endodontist

Student: Connor Rauckhorst, a 10th grader from Sentinel High

Challenges: If a large company in the city goes under then it affects his business a lot more than if he was in a large city

Benefits: you have a better lifestyle and you can live closer to work and be more personal with your patients

Connor wants to be an endodontist someday.

Abby Price

Name: Dr. Christopher Price from Missoula Bone and Joint

Student: Abby Price, a sophomore at Sentinel High

Challenges: having to send patients to other cities for their health care needs if his clinic doesn’t specialize in a what they need

Benefits: He named many benefits of working in a rural community. He said that he likes how he is able to see his patients out in the community and he also enjoys the type of people he gets to work with.

One career path Abby is interested in is dermatology, because she wants to learn more about skin.

Travis Zander

Name: Cole, a trainer at Access Fitness/Doug Lefler

Student: Travis Zander, a senior from Sentinel High

Challenges: the number of kids that he can fit in for training, which means there is a chance for less clients

Benefits: he enjoys seeing the progress made my people, and that you can do activities outside such as hike the M (easy availability)

Travis is most interested in either Physical Therapy or Sports/Physical Training.