Freedom Gardens


Freedom Gardens is a non-profit organization, working to develop a food production and education center in the heart of urban Missoula, MT. Our goal is to demonstrate innovative, climate-adaptive agriculture, while providing low-income families with freshly harvested, locally grown produce and nutrient dense value-added products.

Freedom Gardens is developing an innovative, climate-adaptive agricultural model that will serve concurrently as production and education center. We strive to exemplify community building and the positive health benefits associated with soil interaction. Our income-based classes teach individuals innovative and sustainable methods of seed sprouting, transplant/grafting, harvest, food preparation, food and seed preservation, seed storage, composting, aquaponics, and animal husbandry. The success of our ongoing program lies within our many volunteers. Our volunteers range in ages from pre-teens to the elderly – no hand is too nimble and no mind too feeble. While our success stories continue to grow, our top three to date include: teaching simply by doing, receiving a 4800 gallon aquaponics system donation, and developing over 2000 square feet of underutilized urban space into productive edible landscaping. Perhaps the greatest success story of all is that we’ve done this in under a year and our entire infrastructure to date has been 100% volunteer driven!
Partner Organizations: Missoula’s Sustainable Business Council [SBC], Community Food Agriculture Coalition of Missoula County [CFAC], and the Missoula County Fairgrounds.


Contact Information:

Heath N. Carey

• Co-Founder – Freedom Gardens
• 406.396.5147
• 1650 S. 10th W. Missoula, MT 59801


Chris Carlson

• Co-Founder – Freedom Gardens
• 406.370.3239
• 319 S. 5th W. Missoula, MT 59801


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