Cascade County Wellness Program


The mission of the Cascade County Wellness Program is to foster the health and well-being of their employees and their families.  The Wellness Committee is dedicated to providing programs, tools and incentives to help their employees improve their health and their families’ health.  The goals of the wellness program are:
•To keep low-risk participants at low-risk
•To engage medium and high-risk participants in healthy lifestyle changes
•To provide opportunities for their employees and their families to improve their health status
Cascade County will accomplish these goals by providing assessment, education, and physical activity opportunities to all employees. The Cascade County Wellness Program  has partnered with the City of Great Falls Wellness Program and the two participate in each other’s events. By partnering with the City of Great Falls program, employees have a multitude of wellness opportunities available to them. Each employee that participates in the Cascade County Wellness program receives an activity tracker booklet at the start of the year. This booklet makes it easy for employees to log their activity, track their progress towards their health goals, and motivates them to continue to make healthy choices.
The Cascade County Wellness Program’s annual health fair will be held on  May 26, 2014.

More information about their program can be found on their website or by emailing