Bike/Walk Alliance for Missoula (BWAM)


Bike/Walk Alliance Missoula (BWAM) is a non-profit, member-driven organization created to improve the safety, health and enjoyment of the Five Valley area by promoting and enhancing bicycling and walking for everyday transportation and recreation. Their goal is to make Missoula one of the best cities in North America for bicycling and walking.
BWAM is an organization that aims to benefit everyone as all we are all pedestrians at some point during travel. Additionally, BWAM works to make biking and walking more appealing to those who are interested but hesitant to ride a bike/walk for common trips and recreation.
BWAM has 8 major objectives:
(1) Build a broad-based constituency of bicycle riders and walkers of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Missoula area
(2) Promote the economic, health, and community benefits of bicycling and walking – through education and events
(3) Help bike riders, pedestrians and motorists learn how to travel responsibly and cooperatively
(4) Ensure that Missoula’s local governments allocate a fair share of financial and other public resources to enhance the biking and walking environment of Missoula
(5) Advocate for the adaptation and creation of streets in every part of Missoula that include safe, comfortable and well-designed components for biking and walking
(6) Ensure development of complete biking and walking networks, using trails and roads, seamlessly connecting every part of Missoula
(7) Promote the building and maintenance of world-class facilities, including bike parking and neighborhood greenways, sidewalks, and traffic calming devices
(8) Develop a self-sustaining and long-lasting organization to achieve our mission of promoting and enhancing bicycling and walking for everyday transportation and recreation.
BWAM is currently funded by member dues and is looking at potential grant funding.  Partner organizations include Dr. Chris Southall, Missoula Bike Source, Modwest Web Hosting, Mountain Line, Open Road Bicycles and Nordic, Run Wild Missoula, The Techxorcist, Alliance for Biking and Walking, Bike Walk Montana, League of American Bicyclists and Montana Nonprofit Association.

For more information about BWAM please visit their website or contact Jean Belangie – Nye at