Dawson County Farm-To-Table


Farm-to-Table is a project of Community Giving Assistance Towards Employment (GATE), a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Glendive, MT.
The mission of the project is to develop a sustainable local food system in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota and therefore increase the vitality of our rural communities.  All areas of the local food economy such as growers, value-added producers, restaurants, stores, food services, and individual consumers work together with Farm-to-Table to achieve the goal of obtaining a local food system.
The Farm-to-Table project works to educate the public about the economic, environmental, and social benefits of local food systems through special events, and media outreach and their website.  The project also works to increase access to locally grown and produced food through promoting farmer’s markets and creating a Local Buyer’s Guide which lists farms and food producers in the area.  As far as long-term goals, the hope of the coalition is to open a Farm-To-Table Restaurant featuring an all-local menu.
Several projects are currently happening at the Farm-to-Table headquarters including; compiling a local buyers guide to help consumers find local food in their region, forming the Farm-to-Table Co-op that will market member’s produce and products to local stores, restaurants, and food services, and the formation of Western Trails Food, which is a value added food business featuring hulless barley in pancake and soup mixes.
In addition, Farm-to-Table also assists the Dawson Community College in their planning process for a Culinary Arts program that would train chefs to work with local growers and producers, and they are working on developing plans for a shared use Commercial Kitchen that will increase opportunities for value-added food production in the region.
*New: A current project is designing a local buyers guide to help individual consumers find nearby farms and other sources of locally produced food. Currently, there is a list of Farmer’s Markets and future plans include listing growers and producers and stores and restaurants that carry and buy products locally.
For more information, visit the Farm to Table Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/glendivef2t