Livingston Local Food Project

The Livingston Local Food Project was designed to enhance the understanding of the citizens of Livingston and Park county regarding affordable, novel food production options and the benefits of healthy eating.


The Livingston Local Food Project began in April of 2012 and ran through October of 2012. Organic seeds of various vegetables including peppers, beans, lettuce mixes, broccoli, carrots, corn, onions and more were purchased for the Livingston School District 1 and 4 school gardens. The veggies, grown in green houses and in outdoor raised garden beds, were used for lessons in classrooms and in the school lunch program. The plan is to continue to use the vegetables in the school system.

Montessori Island School also participated in the Livingston Local Food Project. The school purchased a 10-tray food dehydrator and seeds and plants that were grown in the school’s garden. The veggies produced were served to the students in both fresh and dehydrated forms. The school demonstrated to the students that the dehydrated vegetables lasted much longer than the fresh ones. The vegetables that had been dehydrated were served during lunchtime after the produce in the garden had diminished.

Additionally, five container gardens were planted and distributed to high-traffic locations in Livingston. These gardens were themed and used for demonstration purposes. Each them contained theme-related ingredients in the garden. Themes included a herb garden, an Italian garden, a Mexican garden, a French garden and a cool greens garden. Each container garden came with a description of the ingredients and a brief summary of the benefits of using container gardens in areas where space is limited. Because these gardens were placed in high-traffic parts of town hundreds of people saw them and learned about them.

Contact: Tracy Mosley or Breanna Polacik