Rural Health Success Story Contest 2012 Honorable Mention: EMS Live-@-Nite

EMS Live-@-Nite, is one of the largest video conference educational series in the country, and is currently celebrating its tenth season. Each month, the program delivers live interactive training at no cost to rural and frontier communities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, the Aleutian Islands, and Alaska. Participants include EMS, fire, law enforcement personnel, public health, hospital staff, and other members of the community. More than 60 video sites participate each month, serving 200-300 attendees.
The ten-month season covers a variety of topics relating to EMS education, from safety to the latest developments in care, at no charge to the participant. The class format uses interactive video technology supported by the INHS Northwest TeleHealth network, in collaboration with other networks and independent locations, to provide a live classroom environment. Topics presented during the 2012-2013 season include: Pediatric Trauma, Lead for EMT, Wilderness Rescue, OB Emergencies, Drug Overdose, Penetrating Trauma, Child Abuse, Helicopter Safety, and Pharmacology for EMT’s.
The vast majority of EMS providers located in the Pacific Northwest are volunteers with limited resources and time to receive the most current first responder training. EMS Live-@-Nite offers education that helps maintain certifications while reducing the time and cost associated with travel. The program is currently offered to 65 sites across Montana, with an average of 15 sites and 50 attendees participating monthly. EMS Live-@-Nite supports first responders, and as a result, improves the quality of health care within the region.