Journeys from Home Montana – “Better Health through Walking and Bicycling”

“Better Health Through Walking and Bicycling” is organized by Journeys from Home Montana. This particular collection of in-school and out-of-school programs conducts workshops for community members, teachers and bicycle advocates directed at making the community more friendly to walking and bicycling.

Journeys From Home Montana (JFHM) promotes living an active healthy lifestyle.  We encourage communities to become pedestrian and bicycle friendly by offering tools, techniques and mentoring to meet that objective. The core of our work is done on the ground with teachers, parents, advocates and children; face to face in small communities conducting seminars, workshops and on-line classes.

 JFHM communicates through their website and their Facebook page


  • To give children the skills necessary to become competent, predictable, and comfortable on their route to school.
  •  To give parents the confidence to allow children to travel freely in their community.

The Task
Provide children and youth with the experiences necessary to acquire the tools and knowledge that will allow them to travel safely and predictably under their own power in their own community.
The Vision 
We envision all children living and learning in a loving, least restrictive environment.  We recognize children as intelligent individuals.  We see children empowered by the opportunity to make choices and gain knowledge through guided discovery.  Our hope is that all children have opportunity for a happy and healthful childhood that will lead to a meaningful and productive adulthood.
The Mission 
We, as responsible caring adults, will study all available information regarding the development and education of children.  We will work diligently to provide the opportunities and experiences that allow youth to mature independently.
The People
We are a multi-generational group of educators, designers and filmmakers that are pro-active and solution based. Our passion and specialty is the prevention of traffic related childhood injury. Since the 1970’s we have been developing and implementing countermeasure procedures to educate children, parents, teachers, law enforcement personnel and total communities. We are in the beta testing stages of the next generation of materials. These new materials are brought forward by the children (now adults with kids) that were involved and trained with the original program. This next generation of developers offers tools and experiences never before imagined in an injury prevention program. They have survived their Journeys from Home and share a committed appreciation for quality education. It is their experiences and observations that make this new generation of materials come to life.
At the completion of this initial effort “Journeys From Home Montana” will hold and maintain a web site that contains immediate access to international research and recommendations to maintain a sustainable non-motorized community transportation plan.
Many teaching materials will be free, downloadable and ready for immediate use; activities ranging from preschool, elementary, middle school, young adults and veteran riders through CyclingSavvy.
An on-line Teacher Training/Mentor component will be available and continually updated.
This website will become a home for parents, children, administrators, instructors, teachers and researchers to share insight and concerns.

Journeys From Home Montana staff and volunteers have presented information at local regional and national events, listed here: Community workshops

For more information about Journeys From Home Montana or any of their workshops, please contact:

Roger DiBrito, Executive Director