Bitterroot Breastfeeding Packet


The Bitterroot Breastfeeding Coalition’s goal is to provide accurate, up to date, and consistent breastfeeding information to all women birthing in Ravalli County.  Packets are distributed through Marcus Daly Hospital as well as local home birth midwives.

We started by providing 200 breastfeeding information packets and serve 210 participants annually. Initially, our goal was to provide new baby bags for all women birthing in Ravalli County as both a vessel for providing accurate and consistent breastfeeding information and to offer an alternative to free formula marketing bags currently being distributed by our local hospital to women.  During the planning stages of this project we found it was cost prohibitive to provide an entire bag and Marcus Daly Hospital coincidentally decided to start making their own new baby bags so instead we used the funds we had to make packets that could be added to their bags.  We have provided the hospital and local midwives with 200 packets and plan to continue to provide them as long as we can.  This has been a wonderful way for us to work in partnership with both the hospital and midwives to provide continuity for the women of Ravalli County.

For more information about the Bitterroot Breastfeeding Coalition, go to  or find them on Facebook at Bitterroot Breastfeeding Coalition.

You may also contact Mary Vermillion, President of Bitterroot Breastfeeding Coalition at:

215 s 7th Street, Hamilton, MT 59840
Or Vice President, Sheehan Ednie-Rosen
322 B Street, South Victor, MT 59875