Lewistown Trail System

One of two frog ponds.

The trail system of Lewistown is funded through City of Lewistown, grants (Recreation Trails Program of MT), and anonymous donors. They have partnered with a nonprofit organization, Friend of the Trails, to maintain the use and benefits of having an extensive trail system in a small community.

John Turner Environmental Education Center at Brewery Flats

The trails that run through Lewistown are provided for general leisure: walking, running, biking, or equestrian use. They allow the citizens to engage in physical activities among the fresh Montana air. A majority of the trails access beautiful areas such as wooded places, ponds, and a spring-fed creek. There is also an abundance of wildlife that can be seen along the trails such as birds, deer, and insects. The Park and Recreation Department works with Friends of the Trails, a non-profit organization, to provide year-long access to these trails. This teamwork, along with numerous volunteers, is the key factor that continues to make the trail system a success. People of all ages take part in the use of our trails, and they support the efforts put forth to keep the trails groomed and maintained as well as continual growth and improvement.

One of two bridges at Brewery Flats

The best success story that can be told about the trail systems in Lewistown is the reclamation and restoration of Brewery Flats. This plot is owned by both the city of Lewistown (58 acres) and the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (21 acres). This area of Big Spring Creek used to hold a few industrial complexes and a railroad turn-around junction. The creek was straightened to allow easier access for the trains which reduced its environmental integrity. After years of receiving grant money, planning the reclamation, and cleaning up what the industrial companies left behind, Brewery Flats became an excellent area for outdoor recreation.

A kiosk describing the restoration of Brewery Flats

The creek was also re-routed to return it to its natural state and allow wildlife to flourish and return to a healthy condition. Many hours were also put forth to create a smooth, flat trail for users of all ages to enjoy and experience a wild habitat in the backyard of Lewistown. The trail runs through the open grassy area to the north, riparian habitat in the middle, and runs adjacent to Big Spring Creek to the south. Fishing access sites were also included along with the replanting of the creek’s native species. Other leisure activities that take place in Brewery Flats consist of floating the creek and general relaxation on the benches that lie along the creek.

Another frog pond. Both are popular fishing areas for kids.

Parking behind the Yogo Inn

Download the Lewistown Trails system trail map.

For more information, contact the Director of Lewistown’s Park & Recreation Department:

Jim Daniels