Pondera Medical Center Health Fair

Pondera Medical Center Health Fair

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LDS Church


Pondera Medical Center in Conrad holds an Annual Health Fair. This Health Fair is designed to promote community health through screenings, education and promotion.  PMC has conducted this Annual Health Fair for at least the last 10 years and plans on continuing this Annual Health Fair indefinitely.
PMC opens the Health Fair at 7AM. The early morning opening is provided for participants in the Reduced Price Fasting Blood Draw Panel. This time also allows for many community members to participate before work. We have found in the past that early morning is the busiest time of the Health Fair day. The 7AM opening has been a large factor in our success. The other community draws for this program are blood pressure screenings, heel dexa screenings, vision screenings, nutritional education and samples, healthcare speeches, healthcare professionals to speak with, the Mercy Flight Helicopter on display, the Women’s Winkley Breast Center Coach on display, vendors from the community and other healthcare organizations available to speak with and the many prizes and medical promotional giveaways.

In all, the Health Fair has approximately forty-six organizations from the community and other healthcare entities involved.
The majority of the Health Fair consumers are aged 30-70 years. In 2011, PMC added a Sports Physical Clinic offered at a reduced priced for school aged children. This addition brought in far more participants of school-aged children and parents.  We expect this entity of the Health Fair to grow and to see a much wider age span of participants.

The benefits of the Health Fair to Pondera County Residents are many. The largest benefit is access to free and reduced price vital health care screenings. The average income in our area is approximately $25,000 annually. Many of the Pondera County Residents would go without these annual screenings if it wasn’t for the Health Fair. Many new healthcare ideas are presented each year at the Health Fair; this is very beneficial to the participants. The nutritional education provided has helped many people, especially our diabetic population. The Sports Physicals are another benefit to the community. Many of our youth residents are now able to receive sports physicals and important education at a very minimal price. Pondera County Students can now participate in sports without the heavy financial burden of medical costs. The healthcare promotional giveaways are designed to help in the chores of everyday living.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Hanson

Director of Bus. Dev./Marketing & Diagnostic Services