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Garden City Harvest believes that everyone deserves a place to dig in and grow.  Each of their community gardens provide participants with a 15 by 15 foot plot, tools, water, compost, straw, common space, a few starts and seeds, and a the knowledge and guidance of a garden coordinator.

In true partnership form, the Garden of Eaton sprung to life as Garden City Harvest’s seventh community garden. This garden is located on the land of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, which is also adjacent to the Joseph’s Residence at Maclay Commons, a housing facility for families transitioning from homelessness. The idea for a garden was formed by Jenna Finney, an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Joseph’s, Blessed Trinity’s social justice committee, and Tim Hall of Garden City Harvest.  This garden is a great example of people working together to realize an idea.

Garden City Harvest’s gardens are places where long time growers and newcomers garden together, learn from each other, and share resources. Gardens reduce stress on food budgets. They teach an essential skill: how to grow our own food. Gardens mean self sufficiency, pride, and the taste of a homegrown tomato. They bring people together for potlucks and workdays.

The Garden of Eaton, their newest garden, started when the Holy Trinity Church decided the best use for some land behind their church (which was then a knapweed infested field) was to start a community garden.  They came to Garden City Harvest for help.  It turned out that just across the way was a housing facility for families transitioning from homelessness, the Joseph Residence at Maclay Commons.  With help from their AmeriCorps member and some very dedicated church members, the garden was born.
The garden has 30 plots, a kid’s garden, and hosts kid’s cooking and gardening classes weekly throughout the summer for Joseph Residence kids.  Between 22 and 28 households participate in the Garden of Eaton each season (the average size of a household is 3, so participants range from 66 to 84 people).

Each summer participants from the church, Joseph Residence and neighborhood garden together.  We are able to sponsor up to 3 plots for the season and teach classes to around 7 kids.  There is a composting area, leadership committee of volunteers that helps to run the garden and between 60 and 80 people who garden with us each season.

Partner Organizations:  Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Poverello Center including the Joseph Residence at Maclay Commons

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Genevieve Jessop Marsh

Community Outreach Director, Garden City Harvest


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Community Garden Coordinator, Garden City Harvest