Community Protective Measures Program: The Soil Swap Program

Community Protective Measures Program

The Community Protective Measures Program (CPMP) is a county educational program to address Superfund related community concerns. Their goal is to ensure a clean and safe environment for all residents of Anaconda through education and outreach.
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The CPMP accomplishes its mission of protecting human health through education, outreach, and providing a safe environment for all residents through various sub-programs like Education and Outreach, Soil Swap Program, Weed Reimbursement Program, Renovation Program, and the HEPA Vacuum Loaner Program. These programs are free to all residents of Anaconda.
The Soil Swap Program is the most popular program. The main goal of the Soil Swap Program is to assist property owners in creating a protective barrier between themselves and possible contamination. The main focuses of this program are vegetable gardens and designated play areas.
In this program, property owners can choose either a raised garden or a garden requiring them to dig the soil beneath each garden bed. After choosing, the Soil Swap Program delivers clean soil and the garden boxes to the new owner. If the property owner has children, they will also provide a garden box dedicated to play for them.
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The community loves this program, seen through residents like Mary Jane Rangitsch saying, “[I am] so excited about our new garden box.”

The program runs all year, but boxes are normally delivered between June and November. The program grows each year, but they attribute their success to the community’s willingness to learn, grow, and get involved in creating a clean and safe environment.
If you have any questions about this program, contact the CPMP administrator Linda Moodry at the website

Evidence-Based Resources

There are many benefits to gardening including exercise, lower blood pressure, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, and stress relief. It also increases individuals sense of community, which is also associated with improved health. Raised garden beds prevent pests from getting to your produce, improves drainage, and keep weeds from getting into your garden, but it is also easier on the gardeners back, preventing unnecessary strain.